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Date: 15th May 2016
High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings
70series angular contact ball bearing718 series angular contact ball bearingZYS precision angular contact ball bearings performanceZYS single row angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load and one direction axial load. And radial loads produce axial forces in these bearings. Therefore,Website:, the single-row angular contact ball bearings are often used with other bearings which can withstand axial load in the opposite direction. That is, angular contact ball bearings are commonly used in pair, or in sets with three, four and even five bearings. Angular contact ball bearings have higher limited speed?1. Contact anglesZYS precision angular contact ball bearings with15? ?C?and 25?(AC)contact angular. As for the angular contact ball bearings?the bigger of the contact angle is?the greater the axial load capacity is?The bearing with 15? contact angle is used when the high speed and light axial load are needed, and the 25? contact angle bearing should be adopted on the contrary. The paired use can bear both axial load and radial load or synthetic?2. Four dimension seriesThe precision angular contact ball bearings for spindles have four dimension series, 718, 719, 70 and 72. With the same inner diameter, the outer diameter and the width of 718, 719, 70 and 72 increase in turnTable 1. The types and performance of ZYS angular contact ball bearings?ZYS angular contact ball bearing series? StructuresDimension seriesBore size rangePerformanceHigh precision angularcontact ball bearing718 C718 AC 719 C719 AC 70 C70 AC 72 C 72 AC718:10?360mm 719:8?460mm?70: 8?380mm?72: 8?220mmHigh speed;Large loading capacity;Suit for grease or oil-mist lubricationHigh speed angular contact ballbearing(incl. hybrid ball bearing)H719 CH719 AC H70 CH70 AC H719 C/HQ1H719 AC/HQ H70 C/HQ1H70 AC/HQ1H719:8?220mm H70:8?220mm H719/HQ1:8?220mm H70/HQ1:8?220mmSuper speed;High rigidity;Suit for air-oil or oil injection lubricationSuper speed angular contact ballbearing(incl. hybrid ball bearing)HS719 CHS719 AC HS70 CHS70 AC HS719 C/HQ1HS719 AC/HQ HS70 C/HQ1?HS70 AC/HQ1HS719:8?220mmHS70:8?220mm HS719/HQ1:8?220mm HS70/HQ1:8?220mmSuper speed(higher than H series);High rigidity;Suit for air-oil or oil injection lubricationSuper speed angular contact ball bearing with?direct lubrication(incl. hybrid ball bearing)H719 C-DLH719 AC-DL H70 C-DLH70 AC-DL H719 C/HQ1-DLH719 AC/HQ-DL H70 C/HQ1-DLH70 AC/HQ1-DLH719-DL:20?220mm H70-DL:30?220mm H719/HQ1-DL:20?220mm H70/HQ1-DL:30?220mmSuper speed (higher than H and HS series); High rigidity;Suit for direct lubricationHigh speed sealed angular contact ballbearing(incl. hybrid ball bearing)B719 C-2RZ B719 AC-2RZ B70 C-2RZ B70 AC-2RZ B70 C-2RZ/HQ1B719 AC-2RZ/HQ1 B70 C-2RZ/HQ1B70 AC-2RZ/HQ1B719-2RZ:10?220mm B70-2RZ:10?220mm B719-2RZ /HQ1:10?220mm?B70-2RZ /HQ1:10?220mmHigh speed;High rigidity;Grease lubricationHigh speed bearings for inner diametergrinding spindles (incl. hybrid ball bearing)B70 CB70 C/HQ1B70 C:10?60mmB70 C /HQ1:10?60mmSuper speed;High rigidity;Suit for oil mist lubrication3. Application:?Machine tool spindle? Robot technology? high-frequency motor?gas turbine?centrifuge?small-size automobile front wheels?differential pinion shaft?4. Advantages:The inner ring ?outer ring and rolling element are made in high carbon chromium bearing steel?The chamfer arc radius of rings is reasonable, which is not only convenient to install, but also guaranteed to improve the installation precision and reduce the risk of the related parts being bumped;?The speed performance is outstanding?Unique heat treatment process allows products to achieve the best dimensional stability and rigidity, so as to reduce wear and tear;?Multiple pre-load levels can help to meet different requirements for speed and system stiffness, which is more reasonable to select and use the levels.?
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