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Date: 12th May 2016
Wind Turbine Bearings
ZYS has acquired the core designing,Website:, manufacturing and testing technique in yaw bearing, pitch bearing, main bearing, gearbox, and generating motor bearing in wind turbine system. We have also cultivated a professional team in bearing design, property analyses, manufacturing and testing. For example, cooperating with Xi'an Jiaotong University, we cultivated Chinese first wind turbine bearing major doctor and exploited specialized integrated design and analysis software that can conduct load spectrum analysis of wind turbine bearing, stress analysis, design and verification of key structural parameters, depth calculation of effective hardened layer and gear and bolt strength check etc. Properties of our wind turbine bearings have reached international advanced level.?Up till now, we have applied many national patents in wind turbine bearing such as ?slewing bearing for 1.0MW wind turbine generator?, ?slewing bearing for 1.5MW wind turbine generator?, ?self-lubricating cage for slewing bearing?, ?long life, high load capacity three row roller slewing bearing?, and ?Intelligent wind turbine bearing based on object net? etc. In particular, our exclusive patent of ?Intelligent wind turbine generator bearing based on object net? can realize remote monitoring, fault warning and trouble shooting.?Wind turbine bearing plant is located in our Second Industrial Park covering 133,333 ? and the total investment is 438 million RMB. We have a large batch of precision and advanced equipments like CNC vertical lathes, CNC gear shapers, high-speed CNC cutting machines, high-speed CNC drilling machines, CNC hardening machines and imported CNC vertical grinders etc. We can supply high quality and high precision wind turbine bearings and other slewing bearings.?
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